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Canon families are a large element on this roleplay site, as the site's plot is primarily driven by different families interacting with one another. Though we are non-canon, we still keep many of the series' canon family names without the series' canon family history. All canon families start out with little to no real history behind them. It is up to the members of the family (particularly the family head) to come up with their family's background. Below is a list of current canon families, each with a link to their own wiki page with more information on them.

Family Heads

A Family Head is a member who is in control of a canon family. They are the ones to decide details about the family, who can join the family, are responsible for keeping the family active, and creating the family information, and NPC parental responsibilities (ex. arranged marriages, ic events in the family,etc). To become a family head, you must post in the Family Head Claim .

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