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Lestrange Family
Family Head Cairo
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Nationality English
Social Class Upper Class
Political Views Neutral

The Lestrange Family is [WIP]

Family Members


The eldest Lestrange, Cyrus upholds the family name better than his younger brother. True to tradition, he married himself a nice pure-blood girl through an arranged marriage and had six beautiful children with her.

  • Cyrus Lestrange & Anna Malfoy
    • Stella Lestrange (18, gryffindor)
    • Caelius Lestrange (16, gryffindor)
    • Sigilis Lestrange (15, slytherin)
    • Rhaena Lestrange (14, slytherin)
    • Valeo Lestrange (13, hufflepuff)
    • Noah Lestrange (12, gryffindor)


A bit of the family outcast, Cicero did not go through with his arranged marriage and instead settled down with a Centaur woman. Because of this, he did not inherit his father's fortune. However, he has made a cozy little life for his family despite not getting daddy's money and he, his centaur lover, and his four half-centaur children live in a nice middle-class home.

  • Cicero Lestrange & Matilda Frienze
    • [Male] Lestrange (17, gryffindor, fraternal twin)
    • Arianna Lestrange (17, gryffindor, fraternal twin)
    • Rhaegar Lestrange (16, ravenclaw)
    • Hermes Lestrange (15, ravenclaw)