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THE WIZARDING REALM is a non-canon animanga Harry Potter roleplay. Taking place in Scotland during the early 22nd Century, the wizarding community of Great Britain has changed drastically. The technologic advancements of Muggles have led to the near extinction of magical beings in Great Britain, wizarding families and communities ousted by their Prime Ministers, Kings, or Presidents. A purge of wizards and creatures of magical blood has forced the remaining magical families to relocate to Hogsmeade, which has been slowly built up into a proper village to house the wizarding race. With the Ministry abolished, invitations to Hogwarts has ceased and Muggle-born wizards and witches have been left to fend for themselves within Muggle society. As the wizarding community nears extinction, the remaining families living within Hogsmeade attempt to make due with their lives, and continue living in the privacy of their unplottable locations. In the end, they are simply trying to continue to exist, despite the blood spilled by the power crazed Muggle world.

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